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New GPU and VMWARE Host coming

March 9, 2021

A new server is being ordered for Professor Sedoc. It will have several GPUs and lot’s of memory. Professor Sedoc’s research team will have priority on the server, but it will also serve as a VMWARE and Slurm grid host. We expect it to be available in late April.

Grid Engine being replaced by SLURM

The Stern Research Computing grid scheduling software, Grid Engine, will soon be discontinued and replaced by SLURM. SLURM has many more capabilities then SGE (in particular better support for GPUs), and is the HPC scheduling software used by the large university cluster, GREENE.HPC.NYU.EDU. This will make it much easier for our users to move large… Read More ›

NYU HPC facilities – major upgrade -Fall 2020

The university HPC facilities have moved to a new data center which houses a a very large HPC cluster, as well as an updated hadoop cluster. The new HPC cluster has 30,000 cores of processing, as well as a large number of GPUs. In addition, it will connect to a new high-speed research backbone which… Read More ›