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Month: September 2021

Running Interactive jobs under Slurm

One of the advantages of slurm is the ability to schedule an interactive session, just as you might submit a batch job. Slurm will find a free node with the lightest load, and start your session on it. This will allow you to run GUI versions of the software, as well as requesting a node… Read More ›

Moving from Grid Engine to Slurm

As the Center transitions from Grid Engine HPC scheduling to SLURM scheduling, here are a few tips on how to convert a grid engine batch job to a slurm batch job. In grid engine, special comments in a shell script are used to pass parameters to grid engine. Slurm uses the same convention of a… Read More ›

Interactive Jobs on Slurm

One of the advantages of Slurm is the ability to run a large interactive job without having to specify the machine to run it on. To do this, you use the “srun” command. For instance, Typing the following on a slurm submit node (rnd, vleda, …) srun –mem=12G –time=2:00:00 –pty /bin/bash will log you into… Read More ›