Stern School of Business, New York University

Grid Engine replaced by SLURM

The Stern Research Computing grid scheduling software, Grid Engine, will soon be discontinued and replaced by SLURM. SLURM has many more capabilities then SGE (in particular better support for GPUs), and is the HPC scheduling software used by the large university cluster, GREENE.HPC.NYU.EDU. This will make it much easier for our users to move large HPC jobs to the new university cluster. Slurm is available now, type sinfo to see the partitions. If you use the NYU HPC, the commands are the same. We will be shutting down Grid Engine queues over the next month.

Has a good tutorial on using slurm on the GREENE cluster. Our small slurm cluster is compatible, except the partitions are different. We will post a tutorial on converting an SGE job to slurm shortly.