Stern School of Business, New York University


Welcome to the New York University Stern Center for Research Computing (SCRC).

The Center is devoted to providing world class computational facilities and services to researchers at the Stern School of Business at New York University. These services include grid processing, Cloud Computing, data storage, software applications, data acquisition, and access to WRDS (Wharton Research Data System)

The Stern Center for Research Computing has its own dedicated servers and backup facilities.  An overview of the hardware, software and data base services can be found at Computing Resources and Services.
All of the servers are connected by a dedicated high speed (gigabit) network to the university backbone and to other universities.  Users can use the Grid Engine scheduling system to schedule their jobs on a system that has the appropriate resource.  For instructions on accessing the grid services, go to Stern GRID Access.

Other support services including consulting on how to use the facilities and applications, helping to find programming support, minor web page and program development etc. is available at Support Services.