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I/B/E/S is the Institutional Brokers Estimate System. Data includes Global Summary and Individual forecast information as well as buy-sell-hold recommendations for companies globally, plus cash flow, dividend, and pre-tax profit forecasts. Further information can be found on the WRDS website (see links below).


I/B/E/S data is available through the WRDS website, with documentation and data manuals. The WRDS unix server has SAS datasets and SAS sample programs. In addition, Datastream accesses I/B/E/S Forecast: Overview data; EPS Growth Data; Momentum Data; Stock Valuation Data; Analyst Sponsorship Data; Analyst Agreement Data; and Median Data. See links below.
I/B/E/S Estimates (commercial website)
WRDS Introduction (includes how to get an account)
WRDS Website (to request an account or to login)
WRDS Without Account (via Stern wireless, and on public terminals at Stern and Bobst Library)
Datastream (description, installation, etc.)