Stern School of Business, New York University

Data Storage and Backup

Research user’s data is usually stored in their home directories,  which are hosted by the Stern IT department.  Home directory storage is limited in size, but very reliable and backed up every hour. It is best used for storing program files, web pages and small data sets. Home directories are accessible from all the SCRC  servers, as well as IT servers, web servers etc.
Larger data sets can be stored in the Stern Center for Research Computing where we have capabilities for very large data sets. We provide a link from the user’s home directory to a location that contains the data, so that everything is reachable from the user’s home directory. The data in these directories is only accessible from the SCRC servers.

All data is backed up nightly, and kept on-site for 3 days, then moved offsite where it is available for 6 months.