Stern School of Business, New York University

Hardware, Software and Infrastructure

Last Updated: February 2020

Common application software installed on all general purpose servers

The Gnu compilers (C, C++, F77), Java, matlab, perl, python, sas, Stata and R.

 General Purpose Servers available for login

vleda – Vleda is a virtual machine with 8 processors and 24gb of ram. It is the primary login node for Stern faculty and Phds.

rnd – 4  processors and 32GB of memory running 32 bit CentOS 7.7

  • It is a login node.
  • Application software includes  Stata, R, Pyhton.Sas, matlab
  • Jobs can be submitted to the GRID using the Grid Engine. (soon to be slurm).

guistatistics – This machine is for users running large, interactive jobs which are not sutiable for grid processing.

bigdata – A virtual machine with 4 processors and 8 GB of memory running 64 bit CentOS 7.7

  • It is a login node.
  • Jobs can be submitted to the GRID using the Grid Engine
  • It is primarily used by “big data” users.

Cloud Servers-

tiffany – a cloud server  devoted to GPU processing and very heavy computation. It has 792GB  of ram , 96 processing cores and 8 nvidia 2780 ti gpus. (Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 CPU @2.10GHz)

einstein– – a cloud server with 2 GPUs and 792gb of ram, and 96 processors. (Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 CPU @2.10GHz)

hawking – a  cloud server with an nvidia  V100 GPU, 792GB of ram and 56 processing cores. (Intel Xeon Gold CPU @2.60 GHz)

nobel –  a cloud server with 392GB of ram, and 64 logical processors. (Intel Xeon CPU E5-2697A v4 @2.6-GHz)

Other Hardware

switches – multiple 10gb netgear switches  for both high speed communication within the center, and access to the rest of NYU and the internet.

Storage -Several NAS and SAN storage devices totally over 150TB of storage provide storage for both data and virtual machines.

Backups – All virtual machines and storage are backed up nightly to a RUBRIK backup cluster, and backups more than 3 days old are kept in off-site storage.