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Thomson Reuters via WRDS

Thomson Reuters is a global provider of data, analysis and information tools. Thomson Financial Securities Data (TFSD) had been created in 1999 by the joining of The Investext Group, Securities Data Company and CDA/Spectrum. Thomson Reuters was formed when Thomson Financial merged with Reuters.
The Thomson Reuters databases on WRDS cover Mutual Funds Holdings, 13f Institutional Holdings, Insiders Filings containing transaction and holdings information filed with the SEC, and WRDS-Reuters DealScan, which has global commercial loan data.
Further information can be found on the WRDS website (see links below).


Thomson Reuters data available to NYU through WRDS are presented through web query pages, with documentation also provided on the WRDS website. Direct login to the WRDS unix server (wrds.wharton, provides SAS datasets and sequential data for these products. The datasets include Mutual Funds, Institutional (13f) holdings, Insiders data, and WRDS-Reuters DealScan. Also available on WRDS, but under a separate heading, are the I/B/E/S datasets.
Other available data products from Thomson Reuters, but not on WRDS include Datastream, SDC, and IBES Guidance data.
WRDS Introduction (includes how to get an account)
WRDS Website (to request an account or to login)
WRDS Without Account (via Stern wireless, and on public terminals at Stern and Bobst Library)