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Yield Book

The Yield Book is a powerful fixed-income analytical tool that encompasses a wide variety of functions: market tested financial models, library of published research, portfolio management tools, as well as an extensive database of securities and indexes. It has proven to be an essential tool for many different types of institutions, ranging from Portfolio Managers to Hedge Funds to Corporate Treasuries, which use this tool to accomplish various investment objectives.
The Yield Book Calculator is delivered over the Internet, and is designed to focus on individual securities. Users can examine value and risk measures of individual fixed income securities, access historical data, perform scenario analysis, and compare the characteristics of two fixed income securities.
The Yield Book Excel Add-In is similar to the calculator and combines the power and analytics of the calculator within Excel to create an extremely flexible tool.


The Yield Book products are available on campus to NYU faculty and students. Faculty and students who wish to apply for a password should send email to, or call 212-998-0163.
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