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This is a list of most frequently asked questions:

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How do I get an account on the Stern cluster?

How do I use the Stern Grid?

How do I connect to the SCRC computers?

I have a large data set, where can I put it?

How do I get an NYU HPC account?

How do I request a dedicated virtual machine?

How do I request consulting help?

What are the capabilities of the Stern Center for Research Computing?

How do I purchase data?

I am looking  for a data source, what is currently available?

What services and data are available through the NYU Library?

How do I get a WRDS account?

What Windows software is available and how to I access it?

What is the Stern APPS server and what can I use it for?

How do I submit a job to the new slurm cluster?

How do I decide whether to use the Stern cluster or the NYU High Performance Computing (HPC ) facilities?

How do I edit and publish my personal web-page?