Stern School of Business, New York University


Stern Grid Computing

SCRC supports a moderate size collection of computers, the Stern Grid, that provides researchers with computational resources that support a variety of job types. There are jobs that may require large amounts of memory, processing power, or disk storage. Array jobs are an efficient way to run multiple jobs simultaneously. Some jobs need GPUs for processing.

Users submit batch jobs or run interactively on the Stern Grid via the SLURM scheduler, software that manages the Grid jobs’ queue. If you have previously submitted batch jobs to the Stern Grid using qsub, use these instructions to help convert your submission scripts:

Logging In

Use ssh to connect to one of SCRC’s linux login nodes: or After a successful first login, your linux home directory will be created and you may begin using the SCRC computing facilities such as batch or interactive computing. You will need some knowledge of linux.

Grid Batch Jobs

Moving from Grid Engine (qsub) to Slurm (sbatch) Scheduler
GPU Computing

Grid Interactive Jobs

Cloud Computing

Logging Into a Virtual Machine (VM)

Request a Virtual Machine