Stern School of Business, New York University

Connecting with Windows

Connect to the NYU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To connect to our systems from off-campus, you must install and login to the NYU VPN. Upon login, select the option for NYU-NET Traffic Only.


PuTTY is free and can be downloaded from PuTTY Download.  Save “putty.exe” on your desktop.

Start PuTTY, then type or in the “Host Name” field and click “Open”.  (Note: The first time you log in a dialog may appear which starts with “The server’s host key is not cached…”.  Click Yes in this dialog.)  Type your Stern NetID and password at the “login as” and “password” prompts, respectively.
You should now be logged in and see a command line prompt from which you can enter Linux commands or run programs.

For help with Linux see Linux Basics or For help running programs on the Stern GRID see GRID Processing at Stern.


Xming enables graphical windowing capabilities when connected with PuTTY. Typically, you will use a windowed environment when running Interactive Jobs on the Stern Computing Grid, e.g., programs like matlab, SAS, xStata, RStudio, or Jupyter Notebooks.

Download and install both Xming and Xming-fonts from here: In order for Xming to run correctly, it must be restarted after installing the Xming-fonts. Exit Xming, i.e., right-click its icon in the bottom right task bar and select “Exit”, after which you must restart Xming. Xming runs transparently.  You can see the Xming process as an icon in the taskbar but it does not itself have a window.

Now configure PuTTY by navigating the tree in the left side of the PuTTY window: Connection → SSH → X11, then check the box “Enable X11 forwarding”. To save this configuration, click “Session”, then enter a name, e.g., rnd or vleda, in the “Saved Sessions” text box and click “Save”. The next time you want to connect, click on your saved session name from the “Saved Sessions” list and click “Load” then “Open”.